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DPS partners with DCC for early college program

Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, Danville Public Schools (DPS) students will have the opportunity to earn a college degree while in high school, thanks to a new partnership with Danville Community College (DCC).

The Early College Program will allow high school juniors to complete their last two years of high school at DCC free of charge, taking courses that will give them high school and college credits to satisfy both degrees. Upon completion, students will graduate with an advanced studies high school diploma, as well as an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in liberal arts. 

"Danville Public Schools, working collaboratively with Danville Community College, has made a strong commitment to our students by providing an avenue of challenge and opportunity,” said Dr. Angela Hairston, superintendent for Danville Public School System. “Early College programs across the country show that challenging students is essential to growth and learning. We are excited about our work with Danville Community College and we are looking toward bright futures for our students and families."

To qualify for the program, DPS students must complete an application that evaluates their GPA, attendance, teacher recommendations, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and other recognitions and awards.

Students participating in the program will be offered bus transportation and eligible for all extracurricular activities at their base school, as well as complete fourth block and eat lunch at their base schools. Students will start and end their school years on the DPS academic calendar, but early college courses will take place on DCC’s calendar. 

Upon graduation, students will be poised to continue their education at a four-year university with two years under their belt.

“Our Early College program is the collective effort of DCC and DPS to ensure that we, as a community, are doing everything possible to put students on track for an affordable education and a seamless transfer to a four-year university,” said Dr. Muriel Mickles, interim president of DCC.

For more information about the Early College program or to apply, contact Kim Agnor at DPS at (434) 799-6400.