Danville Voters Vote 'Yes' for DPS

Danville Voters Vote 'Yes' for DPS
GWHS RenderingSeveral Danville Public Schools facilities will soon get new life, thanks to Danville’s support of the one percent sales tax and its accompanying bond referendum in Tuesday’s election. Preliminary election results show that approximately 60 percent of voters in the city backed a one percent sales tax for capital improvement projects for school facilities.
Danville Public Schools will now be able to invest dollars from this sales tax, which is expected to generate $141 million in revenue over the next 20 years, in learning environments that are designed to help every student achieve, with a focus on 21st century upgrades, increased technology access, and eliminating the need for trailer classrooms at the elementary level, among others.
With a majority of schools constructed prior to 1955, we hope that these renovations will allow our students to come to school with a renewed sense of pride and excitement for many years to come, as our Danville residents not only voted to invest in the futures of our current students, but several generations of students to follow.
“Danville Public Schools is so grateful to our community for supporting us and our students,” Superintendent Dr. Angela Hairston said. “We know that these needed renovations will positively affect morale, student achievement, instruction, safety, and more.”
Danville Public Schools would like to thank the Vote Yes 4 DPS committee, all volunteers, and those who worked hard to spread the word. This historic vote for our community would not have succeeded without the support of the volunteers.
"There have been significant investments made to make Danville a more attractive place to live, work and play. A part of that vision is to have a world class public school system. The passing of this one percent sales tax will have a significant impact on this vision," Danville School Board Chair Crystal Cobbs said. "It will take all parties to become a destination school district, and we have begun the work with the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. Danville citizens showed their support today by choosing to invest their dollars, and dollars of visitors to the city, into our school buildings."
“As the liaison between the school board and the campaign, I am heartened by the message that
this sends to the youth of Danville,” School Board Member Brandon Atkins said. “I’m grateful to
our supporters and volunteers for their efforts in making this happen.”
Danville Public Schools is looking forward to updating our community throughout the construction
and renovation process. Next steps include detailing renovation plans with the community’s help.
To see our current renderings and priority projects, please visit this link.