DPS Bringing School Meals to Your Area

DPS Bringing School Meals to Your Area
Here is an updated list of Sites and Times* that the DPS food truck will be visiting your area to bring free meals to all DPS students:

(*All sites will be open from 11am - 1pm)

- Highland Height Apartments (Wesley Dr. Cul-de-sac)
- Clear Pond Apartments
- Schoolfield Shopping Center
- New Ingram Heights / Barrett St
- Purdum Wood Apartments
- Tractor Supply Parking Lot (Kings Plaza)
- Pleasant View Apartments
- North Hills Ct. - Lockett Dr.
- Springfield/Seminole (near the Tennis Courts)
- Ballou Park Shopping Center (near the ATM)
- Southwyck Plaza (near the Car Wash)
- Nor Dan Shopping Center
- Cain Creek Shopping Center (near car wash)
- Doyle Thomas Park - Green St.
- Woodside Apartments Main Driveway
- R.I.S.E Academy / Langston Campus
- Cardinal Village (near Community Center on Chatham Ave.)
- Taylor / Virtual Academy (front Driveway)