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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Performance Theatre

Mr. Gary Walton

Good Day,

My philosophy of teaching encompasses one major goal; that goal is to help every child maximize their full academic potential. In return, these young women and men will become active members of our ever-changing society, ready and willing to lead our future generations.  I have a passion for teaching and embracing all cultures and ethnicities; after all, America is a "Melting Pot." I'm excited about what I do and it's displayed every day both at school as well in the community.  I believe that all young men and women are able to be successful given the opportunity they are allowed to make mistakes; learn and grow from them; and most importantly, that they are loved, always welcomed in our classroom where the environment is warm, safe, inviting, and where scholars are being molded and scaffled into becoming our future generation of Doctors, Lawyers, Senators, Entreprenuers, Principals, Teachers, Supreme Court Justices, Amabasadors, Presidents and Vice Presidents of America.  Our young women and men will and will supersede expectations that have yet to be rivaled and will make history.  Give our youth the ability to express themselves vocally, artistically, and any other way they choose so long as they are respectful of themselves and others.