Degrees and Certifications:

BA - English

Mr. Kendrick

Hello! I am Bruce Kendrick, Mr. Kendrick, or Mr. K, and I will be teaching both 7th and 8th grade honors English Language Arts (ELA). This is my first year teaching, and I am extremely excited! I graduated from Bridgewater College this past spring with a Bachelor's in English, and I also completed the school’s education courses, including the many hours of student teaching. I am happy to say I am now fully licensed and ready to take on the school year with both you, your parents, and your children! I love fostering a love for literature and language in students everywhere, because books take you everywhere. I also really enjoy building relationships with both the parents and the students. I find those connections very rewarding and a great asset in the classroom. I enjoy building trust so that students feel comfortable coming to me for advice. I believe that this is a community of learners where we are searching to get better both as individuals and together. I continue to learn with them every day, and that is one of the best aspects of this career. This year we will grow as people and academically, because not only are we learning core subjects, we are learning to be compassionate, respectful and growth-oriented individuals.