• Teresa Irvin

    I am Teresa Irvin. I have been working for SPED for over five years. I have been doing Social Work for four years, I have worked as a service provider for over three years. I am a well rounded person and look forward to my career here in DPS... I have worked in non- profit sectors serving children and their families and I continue to strive to  grow and look for ways to better serve those who have been assigned to me, because I am a firm believer that it is not by chance that each student, had divinely been placed in my presence and, whatever I am to provide and whatever they are to provide me I want to be embrace it 100% with joy and cheer and preserveance. I am a educator who desires to help promote success and nurture for a long world, who continues to need help if we are excited to give to each other  and help one another. I am grateful for this role and I am excited for the journey here and future advancement, through patience and endurance.