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William O'Sick

Dear Students:



  • Welcome Students: Welcome to another new year of learning. World History II is what you are about to study and learn about ancient history from the 1550's to the present. 

    World History is all about change and we will study how the people of different times and places lived. We will review and record the discoveries and lifes of ancient civilizations. Remember that HISTORY is all about change and we are experiencing these changes every day. Throughout the year, my students will be exposed to a variety of resources such as the textbook, WINK (What I need to Know) book and handouts, that will broaden and deepen their perspective and strengthen their understanding of world history. Just remember the old saying " that history repeats itself," I will review with students the calender handout of the units the first week in class. 

    Reading and writing are the KEYS to success, and you will be successful this year in World History II.  

    Mr. William T. O'Sick