Degrees and Certifications:

James Hannah

     Hello, my name is James Hannah, and I am your child's Early Childhood Special Education Teacher.  This is my second year as lead ECSE teacher at Grove Park, and my 5th year here on the instructional staff.  I am paired with Andra McCullough, who is beginning her 31st year as an instructional paraprofessional.  Together we run an organized and very hands-on classroom that focuses on improving language, living skills, gross and fine motor skills and other pre-academic skills to help prepare your child for a successful academic career and future.  We are also introducing a new curriculum called Streamin3, that not only focuses on academics, but mostly on citizenship and building peer relationships!    

     Here's a little about me............. first and foremost, I am still a child at heart.  I love to play and participate in the same things the children are doing, because I have so much fun watching them learn and play.  I absolutely love music, and love to play music in my classroom.  I love music so much that it is impossible for me to decide on a favorite song.  I also love movies, but for the same reason as music, I find it impossible to decide on a favorite.  My undergraduate degree is in English from Virginia Commonwealth University, so I am an avid reader.  I do not have a favorite book, although I do have two favorite characters: Hannibal Lecter and Robert Langdon.  I love sports and love to watch pro-basketball and college football (and I still have my card collection from childhood).  I am also an avid comic book collector, and have a huge collection of old Spider-man and X-men comic books and am always looking to expand my collection.