Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Brandon


Welcome to Grove Park.  We are so excited to have your child in our class!

My name is Shana Brandon. I will be your children's teacher this year. I have been teaching children with developmental delays and Autism for 28 years. 

 I am proud to introduce our teaching team is comprised of myself, Ms. Irvin and Mrs. Reed and Ms. Fallen.

 We want to make this an interesting, fun, safe, and rewarding year for your child.  Two of the main focuses of this program are literacy and math skills.  Though the program is academic, there is also emphasis placed on social skills and learning through play.  Below are some important things to remember so we can have a successful school year.

Attendance is very important at Preschool.  Please let me know if your child is going to be absent.  The school will call home each day if your child is absent. 


Morning Arrival

The school is open at 8:15am each day. I will be at the door to greet your child and you.  


Afternoon Dismissal 

Dismissal  of car riders and daycare van begins at 3:15pm each day. Adults will be outside to load cars until 3:30pm. This will take place in the lower parking lot.  Make sure the yellow name plate is visibly on your dashboard.  


Busses will begin loading at 3:30pm. If your child rides a bus home and there is no one there to get him/her of the bus, the bus driver will bring your child back to school.  


If you need to check your child out early from school, it must be before 3:00 p.m. Otherwise, parents will need to get in the car rider line. If you call to change transportation home, we will ask for the security password.  


Please follow the health guidelines in the Grove Park Handbook when sending your child to school.  If your child has any of the symptoms listed, please keep them home for the day. The nurse will also call home if your child shows any of these symptoms at school.


Send a standard size backpack to school each day.  The backpack needs to be able to hold a regular size folder, towel, and possibly a change of clothes.  Remember to check backpacks and folder daily.  Every Monday, a folder will be sent home with your child’s work and other important information.  Please review the information in your child’s folder each week and return the folder on Tuesday. Towels will be sent home on Friday to be washed. Please return them on Monday.  Make sure your child’s name is written in marker on their towel so they won’t get mixed up or lost.


Students should wear clothes that are practical for school.  If your daughter wears a dress to school, please have her wear a pair of shorts under the skirt.  If your child has an accident and needs to use their change of clothing, please send in another set of clothing the following day.   

Breakfast and Lunch
Free breakfast and lunch are offered daily to all students. 

Parent/Teacher Communication
Communication between parents and teacher is essential for student success.  Please let me know any questions or concerns that you have throughout the year.  We will be using the Talking Points app this year. It is a great way to communicate and share fun activities we are doing at school.  You can always call the school at 799.6437 or email me at 


Here’s to a FABULOUS year at Grove Park Preschool!