With funds for capital improvements, our school facilities will reflect the progress seen throughout the City of Danville, as well as offer updated 21st-century school buildings for today’s teachers and students.

    The following highlights the planned improvements to be covered by the 1% sales tax increase.


    George Washington High School: Built 1955

    - Renovate Classrooms to provide increased space along with infrastructure updates to boost access to technology.
    - Expand the library with added collaboration spaces.
    - Added STEM Academy
    - Improvements and renovations to the Vocational Education and Career Technology Classes that will include increased access to robotics and cyber security classes, a nursing lab, culinary arts and hospitality space, and skilled trades courses. 

    Langston School: Built 1957

    - Renovate the campus to allow Galileo Magnet School to be relocated
    - Renovations to allow for the expansion of adult education offerings at the facility
    - Refurbish the walking track with enhanced access for the community
    - Campus renovations will also allow the Central Office to be relocated from their rented space on Main Street to Langston's campus

    Elementary School Improvements

    - Renovate Elementary Schools to eliminate the need for all trailer classrooms
    - Classroom renovations to expand access to technology and encourage STEM education.
    - Improved access for buses and car riders

Capital Project Update July 2022

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    April 2022 - Bonds sold for $127 Million


    • January 27, 2022 - the Guidelines for Implementation of the Public-Private Education Facilities & Infrastructure Act (PPEA) were discussed during a school board meeting. Click here to view the PPEA document.


    •  April 21, 2022 - The School Board approved MBP Construction Management to provide construction management services for the Langston & GW renovation projects. The board also approved a resolution to accept an unsolicited proposal under the Public Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) for the renovation projects at GWHS and G.L.H. Johnson Elementary School. The passed resolution allowed the board to post the proposal and advertise for competing proposals for 45 days. 


    • May 19, 2022 - The school board approved Dewberry to provide A & E Services for Langston's campus (RFP-2022-487).


    • July 14, 2022 - The school board approved Dr. Hairston’s recommendation that the School Board select the unsolicited proposal from English Construction, Blair Construction, and RRMM Architects  to proceed to the detail phase for renovations to George Washington High School. The board also approved Dr. Hairston’s recommendation that the School Board select the competing proposal from Branch Builds, Moseley Architects, and Dewberry to proceed to the detail phase for a newly constructed Johnson Elementary School. These recommendations were made in accordance with The Public-Private Education Facilities & Infrastructure Act of 2002 (§ 56-575.1 et seq.) and DPS’ Guidelines for Implementation of The Public-Private Education Facilities & Infrastructure Act of 2002 The board also approved an amendment to the MBP Construction Management contract to include the management of the Johnson Elementary School project.


  • Will this cover other expenses like utilities, teacher salaries, supplies, and the like?

  • Will this tax last forever?

  • What items will not be taxed under this increase?

  • Who will pay this tax?

  • Why do the schools need more space when we constantly hear that enrollment is dropping?

  • Why can’t the casino money the city received cover these repairs?

  • Can these improvements wait until the casino starts generating taxes for the city?

  • Why can’t we use the millions of dollars in COVID relief that was received from the federal government?

  • Can Danville City Council vote later to direct the funds elsewhere?

  • Were any other funding options explored? Grants? State funds? Federal funds?

  • Can't the city just issue bonds for renovations? Why not just do that?

Next Steps