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    The GED Test consists of four tests:  Reasoning through Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  All tests are computer-based and in order to earn a credential, testers must score a 145 on each exam.  Classroom instruction and practice tests are given by the assigned instructor to prepare each student for the official GED tests.  Testing accommodations are available for adults with disabilities with state approval.  In order to enter the Adult Education GED program, a student must meet the following criteria.

    • Adults must be 18 or older (students who are homeschooled and interested in the GED program should contact the Coordinator of Adult Education for more information on admittance)
    • Must have a valid ID with a picture
    • Must attend classes unless registered for distance learning classes

    For Adult Education services, please contact Dr. Antonio Hairston or Dr. Christopher Ezell.

    For TEEN GED services, please contact Dr. Antonio Hairston or Jeffrie Scott.

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