Counselor's Corner

  • Meet our Counselors:

    Ms. Grasty: 6th Grade and 8th Grade -

    Mr. Draper: 7th Grade and 8th Grade -

  • Welcome, my name is Mr. Draper, I am entering into my inagural year as school counselor; I will work alongside grades 6 and 7. As school counselor, I wish to assist you and your student in making this school year and enjoyable learning experience. We have the opportunity to encourage students to be the best version of themselves while absorbing classroom instruction. When I am not in the school building, I enjoy spending time with famil and friends, fishing, exploring new places and learning.


    For years there has been speculation of UFO's and aliens. This opinion may be true, and then again, it might not be. However, there will be two identifiable counselors who will be easily visible and available for student needs. Not only do we assist your student in changing schedules, but we focus on mental health as it can impede on learning; promote bullying prevention; promote inclusion and acceptance; and conduct counseling services as needed. School counseling as we know it today began as vocational guidance in the early 1900s. It was established in schools as a position occupied by administrators and teachers. 



    Greetings, my name is Ms. Grasty, I am honored to serve you and your child this year at Westwood Middle School. This will be my 5th year as school counselor; I will work alongside grades 6 and 8. I am ecstatic to see all students and assist them in having a successful school year. When I'm not counseling, I like to spend time with family, travel, practice self-care, and many other things that will constitute a life well-lived. If at any point in time your student is need of counseling or services, please reach out. We are wishing for a safe and productive school year and are excited to have you back.