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Ms. Farmer


Ms. LaCoya Farmer, a Danville native and resident, started her career as an Art teacher for Woodberry Hills in April of 2023. Prior to becoming a teacher, she had explored many careers. She once worked as a security guard for Bonner and Westwood Middle, then as a paraprofessional at R.I.S.E academy. With her hopes and dreams of implementing her own community service program, she took on the journey of working with the youth. Ms. Farmer have always had a way with children. Growing up in Danville, her childhood home was a daycare for local kids. 

Her passion for the arts started before she could remember. Her mother was always investing in her many talents by purchasing art materials. She always thought she would grow up to be a fashion designer. So, Farmer attended The Art Institute of Charlotte, where she learned more about the arts and obtained a B.A. degree. She was able to explore that art is more than just drawing. Art is problem solving creatively. Art is improvising when you don’t have all you need. Art is a science. Art is therapeutic. Art has been a way for Ms. Farmer to express herself in more ways than one. Art is what financially supported her when she had no other outlets. 

Ms. Farmer had a business called MultiCoya Industries where she was able to combine all her talents as a photographer, graphic artist, marketer, manager and much more. She even has experience of acting, dancing, singing, and modeling. She enjoys sharing what she knows and bringing out the best in her students academically, artistically, emotionally, and helping them discover who they are through works of art. Teaching art has been more rewarding than she could have intended it to be. She will continue working at perfecting the art of teaching because it has become her newest passion. 

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