COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Keeping You Safe

Safety Protocol, COVID-19 Guidance 2021

When planning for our reopening of schools, the health and safety of our students, staff, and our
community was the focal point of every decision regarding the reopening process. COVID-19 mitigation efforts such as social distancing, masks, hand-sanitation, cough etiquette, staying home while sick, and health screenings before entry to any DPS facility, will minimize the spread of COVID-19. In the event of a positive case within a school, the Virginia Department of Health will be notified immediately, and the DPS Pandemic Coordinator will start contact tracing. The results of the contact tracing, and guidance from the Department of Health, will determine any closures of classes, and or the school. We will continue to work diligently to provide a healthy, safe learning environment for our students. 

Our division continues to closely monitor the evolving understanding of COVID-19 by health and medical experts and will adapt its policies and procedures as appropriate as new information becomes available.

Danville Public Schools makes decisions in regard to health and safety in close partnership with local health officials and is consistent with guidelines promulgated by the Virginia Department of Health. Follow the link below to review daily local COVID data.

Virginia Department of Health Daily Dashboard