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The Virginia Association for the Gifted is open to any individual interested in the education of exceptional children. Information, resources, and a newsletter are available on their web site.

Characteristics of Academically Gifted and Talented Students

Superior physique as demonstrated by above average height, weight, coordination, endurance, and general health.
Long attention span
Learns rapidly, easily, and with less repetition
Learns to read sooner, continues to read at a consistently more advanced level.
More mature in ability to express himself/herself using a variety of communication skills
Attentiveness to environment
Asks many questions, wants to know the causes and reasons for things
Spends much time on things that are of interest to him/her
Knows about many things of which most other children are unaware
Adapts learning to various situations
Reasons out problems, sees relationships and comprehends meanings
Quickly analyzes mechanical problems, puzzles, and trick questions
Shows a high degree of originality; uses good but unusual ideas
Likes to study some subjects for the joy of learning
Possesses one or more special talents
Analyzes his own abilities, limitations, and problems
Performs with poise, takes charge of situation
Evaluates facts and arguments critically
Has more emotional stability
Can judge the abilities of others
Has diverse, spontaneous, and frequently self-directed interests