Special Diets

The Danville Public Schools Child Nutrition department makes every effort to accommodate children's special dietary needs so that all students can participate in school meals. When a student requires a special diet, we want to be sure that all necessary information has been communicated to the cafeteria manager so she can serve the student safely and in accordance with school meal program regulations.


If your child requires a special diet, please complete the following form, sign and return to the school nurse. A signature from a physician or licensed medical professional may be required in some cases. This form should also be used by licensed medical professionals providing this information on behalf of their patient.

Special Diet Prescription


If you are aware of a child that has special dietary needs and did not receive anything in writing from a parent/guardian, or if the diet prescription is not clearly written, please use the following form to communicate this information with the cafeteria manager so we can comply with the special diet. If you have received a Diet Prescription Form signed by a parent or medical professional, you can send a copy of that form to the cafeteria manager.

Special Diet Order for Cafeteria Manager