Administration Overview



Dr. Angela Hairston

Chief Officers

Dr. Wayne Lyle Chief Operations Officer
Takiwi Milton-Babalola Chief Academic Officer


Mr. Michael Adkins Director of Transportation Services
Mr. Walter Lucas  Director of Maintenance and Operations
Mr. William Chaney
Director of Safety and Security 
Ms. Sharon Barksdale Director of Finance
Ms. Joyce Culley Director of Career & Technical Education
Mr. Phillip Gardner Director of Child Nutrition
Ms. Catiia Greene Director of Federal Title Programs and Instructional Support
Ms. Anne Moore-Sparks  Director of Danville Public Schools Education Foundation
Ms. Anne Moore-Sparks  Community Outreach and Business Partnership Specialist 
Dr. Melissa Newton Executive Director of Accountability
Ms. Robin Owens Director of Student Support Services
Mr. John Parris Director of Technology & Media Services
Dr. Tia Hairston
Director of the Services for Exceptional Children
Ms. Daphne Wall  Director of Adult and Alternative Education
Ms. Mona N. Whittle Director of Teacher Talent Acquisition and Engagement
Ms. Mary Ann Mitchell Director of Curriculum
Dr. Misti Webster Williams Director of Leadership Quality
Dr. Tonya Steele  Director of Professional Learning 


Ms. Kim Agnor Coordinator of Gifted and Home Services
Mr. Jonathan Fain Coordinator of Middle and High Athletics
Ms. Anna Fulton Coordinator of English as a Second Language Programs
Ms. Marci Murphy  Coordinator of Balanced Literacy 
Ms. Cynthia Preuss Coordinator of Services for Exceptional Children 
Mr. Michael O'Brien Coordinator of Services for Exceptional Children