Curriculum and Instruction

Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Sandra Andrews

Director of Middle & High School Instruction: Ms. Charlene Bowman

Director of Exceptional Children: Dr Melinda Robinett

Director of Student Intervention Services: Ms. Robin Owens

Executive Director for Accountability and School Improvement: Dr. Melissa Newton

Director of Federal Title Programs and Instructional Support: Ms. Catiia Greene

Coordinator of Special Education Services and Foster Care Liaison : Tia Hairston

Coordinator of Health Services: Ms. Sherri Wright

Coordinator of Middle & High School Athletics: Mr. Jonathan Fain

Administrator of Middle & High School Special Ed. Instruction: Ms. Natashalyn Snipes

Coordinator of Professional Development: Charla Crews

Coordinator of Career & Technical Education: Joyce Culley

Coordinator of English as a Second Language Programs: Anna Fulton

Coordinator of Alternative Education Programs: Daphne Wall



341 Main Street
PO Box 9600
Danville, VA 24543
Phone: 434-799-6400
Fax: 434-799-5267