• Elementary Visual Arts (Kindergarten-5th)

    Course Description

    Our visual arts program provides students with opportunities to develop ideas through a
    creative process as well as critical thinking skills to evaluate information that is conveyed visually.
    Through engagement with the visual arts, students connect knowledge and skills from a variety of
    academic areas to solutions to problems of creation, design, and execution. They develop individual
    expression and the ability to work collaboratively to achieve common artistic goals, while preparing for a
    lifelong engagement with the arts.

    Instructional Philosophy

    I have a responsive classroom strategy that focuses on building a positive learning community. My students are expected to be respectful, responsible and ready to learn. Every student has a different ability level when they walk in and they are all expected to give their best effort by participating. Students will work both independently and collaboratively in the art room.

    Course Goals

    Students will develop their ability to make creative choices and solutions. They will work in a variety of age-appropriate mediums and create both two and three dimensional artwork. Students will recognize themselves as artists and grow their knowledge of: creative process, critical thinking and communication, history, culture and citizenship, innovation in the arts, and technique and application.

    Course Projects

    Student artwork is always hanging in our hallways at Forest Hills. We have an art show at Danville Public Library in March to celebrate Youth Art Month and in April we have our district art show, Fine Arts Night. We also set up our art glow gallery at the district's STEAM night.

    DPS Grade Scale

    For all elementary specials classes our grade scale is below. Students receive grades for both conduct and effort in art class.

    E- Excellent

    S- satisfactory

    N-needs improvement


    Classroom Expectations

    Every student should be respectful, responsible and ready to learn.

    Supplies and Materials Needed

    Supplies will be provided for projects throughout the year. It is the responsibility of the student to be a good steward. 

    If you are interested in donating consumable supplies to our art room please leave in office for me:

    • paper towels
    • sanitizing wipes
    • tissues

    Contact Information

    Noel Michalski


    School #434-799-6430

    Planning time: 11:30-12:30pm