• 8/28/23


    Please make sure that you are signing and reading your child's Reading Log nightly.  If their reading skills are going to improve, they have to read nightly. Please have them to answer the questions on the Reading Log. It will be graded. This week, we are working on context clues and vocabulary expansion. Please make sure that they are reading their Powerful Practices for Comprehension books. The skills and strategies in this book will help to ensure their academic success. Thank you for your assistance and enjoy your Labor Day holiday. 


    We have gotten off to a great start!!! I am so excited to be working with the students.

    Students were given a Reading Log with questions and Parent's Signature. Please make sure that your child is reading for at least 15 minutes each night, filling out the reading log, and signing to make sure that the accountability piece is fulfilled.  In order for students to succeed, they must be active readers. Students will receive textbooks, a Catapult booklet, and a booklet with comprehension strategies. If they choose, they may read this book to log, or if they have to read for another class, they may log it in as long as the questions are answered. Please keep reading for classwork, for homework, and for enjoyment. This will ensure a successful school year.


    Please read with your children for at least 15 minutes each night. This will assist with reading fluency and will increase comprehension.