• Third Grade Syllabus 

    Miss Preston
    Class Syllabus/Class Overview Expectations



    1. Course Description:   

    Math: Students will increase their mathematical thinking skills by solving real-world problems involving place value, fractions, making change, elapsed time, area, perimeter, and probability.

    Science: We will be conducting a variety of scientific experiments to help us investigate forces, simple and compound machines, how materials interact with water, ecosystems and the importance of conservation.

    Social Studies: Students will learn about the Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, and Mali. Geography, economics, and citizenship skills will also be covered this year.

    1. Instructional Philosophy:  

    In order to help students grow and learn, I will be using a mixture of whole group and small group instruction. Students will also work together in groups to increase communication skills.

    1. Major Course Goals:  

    We will be following the Standards of Learning in all subject areas.

    1. Major Course Projects & Instructional Activities:

    Students will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, write across all content areas, solve real-world problems, and conduct scientific investigations.  

    1. Course Assessment Plan (DPS Grading Scale and Tentative SOL Assessment Dates):  

    Students will take a variety of assessments this year. Benchmark tests in reading, writing, math, and science will be given every nine weeks. The Student Growth Assessment will be in fall and winter to better prepare them for the Standards of Learning Test in the Spring (May 15th-31st). Classroom assessments and unit tests will also be given on a regular basis to check for student understanding. 

    Grading Scale:

    A= 90-100 C= 70-79

    B= 80-89 D= 60-69

    F= below 60

    Grade Weights

    Final grades will be determined by the average using the following criteria:

    • Gold Category (Summative Assessments) = 40% 

    Examples include tests, essays, research papers, project-based assignments, labs, district benchmarks, and other culminating assessments to measure mastery of standards that comprise a unit of study. 

    Minimum number of gold grades per 9-week report period = 3 

    Minimum number of dropped gold grades per 9-week report period = 1


    • Silver Category (Short Cycle Assessments) = 35% 

    Examples include quizzes, lab reports, assignments that build to gold, collaborative work, and other graded assignments to assess certain standards in a unit of study. 

    Minimum number of silver grades per 9-week report period = 3 

    Minimum number of dropped silver grades per 9-week report period = 1


    • Bronze Category (Classwork/Warm-Up) = 25% 

    Examples include spiral review activities, bellringers, and other graded assignments to assess certain standards in a unit of study. 

    Minimum number of bronze grades per 9-week report period = 7

    Minimum number of dropped bronze grades per 9-week report period = 2


    1. Classroom Expectations:  

    Be respectful, Be responsible, Be ready

    1. Supplies and Materials Needed:  

    1-1 inch Binder, tissues, 2 marble composition books

    1. DPS Homework Policy: 

    Third Grade students will receive no more than 1 hour of homework. In addition to handouts, students should read at least 15 minutes a night and practice their multiplication facts.

    1. Extra Help:  

    W.I.N Time (What I Need) 30 minutes of small group instruction in reading and 30 minutes in math will be given to any students who have not mastered the material. 

    FEV tutoring is offered FREE online to any students who wish to participate. More information will be provided soon!

    After School Tutoring will be given later in the year to help better prepare students for SOL tests.


    1. Time and Place to be Reached by Parent:  

    I will try to check Class Dojo messages periodically throughout the day but the best time to reach me is during my planning time from 1:45-2:45 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

    Email: bpreston@mail.dps.k12.va.us

    Phone: 434-799-6466