• Math

    • Click lick: Video/song: Count to 100

    • Practice counting to 100, be sure to watch when your child reaches the teens that they say each one clearly. Also encourage your child to use their fingers as place keepers - 1 for teens, 2 for 20’s, etc. 

    • Practice counting sets of up to 20 objects in your home - (kitchen chairs, macaroni, pieces of cereal, pennies, etc.)

    • Practice counting sets of 10 objects by 10’s to 100. 

    • Have your child write numerals 0 through 10 

    • Construct sets - give your child a numeral, 0-10, and have them construct a set to show it (use buttons, cereal, fruit snacks, pennies, etc. 

    • Dreambox - do at least 20 minutes


    • Click link: video/song: Alphabet

    • Continue to have your child practice writing their first and last name

    - be sure your child uses uppercase and lowercase letters properly. 

    • Have your child write the lowercase alphabet

    -be sure they are correct formation and proper placement on primary lines

    • Point to each letter in random order and have your child name it, give its sound, and name something that begins with it.

    • LexiCore5 : Do at least 20 minutes 

    • Students may also do activities on abcya.com

    • Passport to a Great Adventure/BookIt! - Read a book with your child and log the time on your calendar. 





    Extra Help: Students who are having difficulty will receive additional support through Title 1 services, small group instruction, individual instruction by the teacher/paraprofessional, and parent/teacher conferences to share ideas to use at home to help with learning.

    Learning Games: ABCYa.com   PBS KIDS   Roomrecess   Coolmath4kids