Objective A:  Improve content mastery in all subjects with a laser focus on literacy and numeracy. 
    Initiative 2:  Identify and Implement Literacy instructional resources.  

    Literacy Equity in Danville Public Schools

    While equality often means treating all students the same, literacy equity according to the VDOE “ensures every student has access to a rigorous, culturally relevant, systemic approach to reading instruction that facilitates deeper learning and the development of future-ready skill sets as outlined in the Profile of a Virginia Graduate and the Virginia 5 C’s.”  Danville Public Schools is committed to providing high-quality, rigorous, equitable, literacy instruction that supports all students and provides an opportunity for all students to be lifelong learners prepared for future success in reading, writing, and communicating. 

  • 1.  Epic provides parents with endless ways to make reading fun (cool bonus–if you’re an educator, you get free access to the site).

    2.  Storyline Online, an easy-to-use literacy app, works on YouTube, iOS devices, and Google Chrome, making it easy for parents to provide their kids with literacy tools anywhere.     

    3.   Khan Academy app offers kids thousands of stories and activities to keep them engaged and learning, no matter their grade level.