Mathematics Information

  • All students can learn mathematics and deserve the opportunity to do so. Recognizing the diversity among children, Danville educators expect all students to learn mathematics and recognize that students need access to learning in a variety of ways, using a variety of resources. Instruction, therefore, focuses on an activity-based, hands-on system of delivery wherein students utilize a wide variety of manipulatives, calculators and computers to transition them from concrete understandings to pictorial representations before they embark upon abstract concepts.



    Danville City Schools Mathematics Department is united in our commitment to empower all students to succeed, embrace diversity, and encourage lifelong learning with respect.



    To engage in teaching and learning of mathematics which will support students in making sense of their world and develop the sound reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills that will prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.


    DPS Mathematics Department Focus Areas

    • Routines to develop conceptual understandings
    • Using concrete and pictorial representations
    • Writing as a tool for learning