Scholarships for Students

  • This webpage will be updated regularly with scholarship information
    for students. As new scholarships are added, they will be added to
    the end of the list. If a student or parent has a question about a
    scholarship, completing the FAFSA, or any requirements for college
    admission, please contact your school's guidance
    department. Danville Public Schools is committed to the success of all
    students as they enter college, the military, technical schools, and the

    Available Scholarships:


    PLEASE READ: The most important step for any senior is to complete
    the FAFSA. This Federal form takes approximately 23 minutes to
    complete, is free, and completely secure. This form is required for
    many scholarship applications, but more importantly the completion of
    this form will enable a student to be eligible for grant opportunities to
    attend college. Click here for more information on the FAFSA.