• Behavior specialists provide support to students with a defined number of office discipline referrals and provide a means to help the students become more academically successful. Interventions and support are developed to assist with challenging behaviors and best practices are put forth to provide direct care and consultative services. Behavior Specialists assist with a variety of behaviors, including, but not limited to aggressive behavior, disruptive classroom actions, impulsivity, and difficulty working in groups. With careful planning and conferring with the classroom teacher, Behavior specialists are able to support and assess the instructional setting to provide therapeutic interventions and strategies. 

    The role of the behavior specialist includes, but not limited to:

    • Provide individual or group counseling to include socialization activities, 
    • Consult with classroom teacher(s) concerning any behavioral, social, or other problems affecting the students,
    • Identify, document, and make recommendations based on student needs, 
    • Develop and implement individualized behavior plans,
    • Participate in parent conferences if needed,
    • Work collaboratively with teachers and staff to support and demonstrate best practices,
    • Consult with other school and district staff, agency personnel, and other appropriate professionals who may also support the student


  • Behavior Interventionist (434) 799-6434 ext 411

    Ashley Marvin (Elementary)

    Ramonda Brooks (Middle)

    Thomas Glass (High)

    Behavior Specialist (434) 799-6434 ext 411

    Kelly Marable

    Latasha Murdock