• School social workers provide direct and indirect services to students, families, and school personnel to promote and support students' academic and social successes.

    • Advocacy
      • Help families during meetings within the school and/or community to ensure that the family fully understands and any concerns they may have are being addressed
    • Link between family and community resources
      • Help with referrals and communication between family and any community resources 
    • Truancy monitoring
      • Truancy is an absence from school without reason provided through communication via phone call, dojo, or note. 
      • Each Social Worker will keep track of students that accumulate unexcused absences to put attendance plans and interventions in place
    • McKinney Vento Services - Homelessness
      • Living in a hotel, family members, family friends
      • If the family has no physical address of their own, then they are considered to be homeless.
    • FAPT Case Management/FAPT Representation (Family Assessment Planning Team)
      • A team was created to address and assess the strengths of troubled young people and families to determine services to put in place.
  • Sheree Walker
    Student Support Services Coordinator 

    (434) 799-6434 ext 404

    Mitchella Glass

    (434) 799-6434 ext 402

    Chandra Grasty

    (434) 799-6434 ext 400

    Nadia Ragin

    (434) 799-6434 ext 401

    Jeffrey Williams Jr

    (434) 799-6434 ext 403