• Music at Grove Park & Northside Preschools

      Each week the children, enrolled in the DPS Preschool program, receive a thirty-minute music lesson. Throughout the school year, the children participate in activities centered around music. The children sing, move to music, listen to music, play musical instruments (orff xylophones/metallophones, drums, rhythm instruments, etc) and learn about musical concepts (steady beat, high/low sounds, loud/soft sounds, etc). The musical activities frequently tie in content of other academic disciplines (reading, science, math, history) to reinforce concepts the children are learning with their other teachers. It is the goal of the Preschool Music Program to educate children about our musical world in a safe, enjoyable environment where everyone is accepted and encouraged to contribute. 


      Music Classrooms

      The music classrooms at Grove Park and Northside Preschools are child-friendly and welcoming. They both have ample room for children to be able to move freely while dancing. The rooms are filled with various melodic (Orff Xylophones and Metallophones) and rhythmic instruments (drums, shakers, etc) which the children play while singing songs and accompanying stories. The piano (keyboard) is used to accompany songs, and the interactive board is utilized to engage the children through sight and sound.


      Mr. Poole can be reached at Northside from 8:30-4:00 Monday and Thursday at 434-773-8301, or via email anytime at gpoole@mail.dps.k12.va.us