• Danville Public Schools has a new Cell Phone protocol for the 2023-2024 school year, which we are calling "Unplug 2 Learn" to encourage students to refocus their attention on learning. Our goal is to engage our students, support their academic success, and promote positive social interactions and connections by removing a major barrier: cell phones and other electronic devices.

    The student use of any type of unauthorized electronic or mechanical device that is not part of the instructional program is prohibited during school hours. Video and/or audio recording of staff and/or students during the school day or school sponsored activity is prohibited. This shall include, but is not limited to, mobile phones, portable musical devices, laser pointers, cameras, laptop computers, MP3 players, iPods, portable DVD players, portable TV’s, smart watches, etc.

    The cell phone protocol by grade level is outlined below.

    Pre-K and Elementary Students (PreK-5th Grade)

    Cellular phones are prohibited during school hours and at school sponsored events. The phones must be turned off and stored out of sight after the first bell or equivalent signifying the beginning of the school day. The phones must remain off until the last bell or equivalent signifying the end of the school day.

    Secondary Students (6th-12th Grade)

    Students may use cell phones at designated times and in accordance with the guidelines specified in the following section:

    Secondary students may use their cell phones while riding the school bus by utilizing headphones, earbuds, and personal listening equipment so as not to disturb others. Secondary students may have cell phones in their possession. However, the phone must be turned off and stored out of sight after the first bell, or equivalent signifying the start of the school day. The phones must remain off until the last bell, or equivalent signifying the end of the school day. High school students may use their cell phones at lunch only but must store their phones at the conclusion of lunch prior to exiting the cafeteria area. Students may use their phones, with personal listening equipment such as earbuds, at afterhour, school-sponsored events provided that they do not disrupt, or interfere with the events taking place.

    Consequences for cell phone violations (PreK - 12th Grade)

    Any prohibited device may be confiscated by the school administration and returned to the parent/guardian at the end of the school day. If it is determined that a communication device used on or off school property caused a disruption in school, the school has the authority to discipline the students in accordance with the Student CORES.

    1st Offense (PreK-12) - The cell phone will be confiscated by an administrator or designee and returned to the parent/guardian at the end of the school day. The student will receive a discipline referral-Warning.

    2nd Offense - Before-School detention, After-School detention or Saturday-School detention (Phone will be returned upon completion of detention).

    3rd Offense - A disciplinary referral will be issued, and the student’s cell phone privileges will be banned for the remainder of the year.

    NOTE: A school administrator may at his/her discretion confiscate the cell phone on any violation of the policy. The refusal to surrender a cell phone at the request of a school administrator shall result in the charge of failing to follow directions with a minimum consequence of a 3-day out-of-school suspension in addition to other consequences forthcoming from the violation of the cell phone policy. In the event that the appropriate consequence exceeds the 10-day suspension authority of the school administrator, a recommendation for a long-term suspension may be considered. Confiscated phones are to be safeguarded by the school administrator and may be maintained for the duration of the disciplinary process. Confiscated phones will be returned to a parent/guardian but not prior to the conclusion of the school day.

    Consequences for using any electronic device to audio and/or video record students, teachers, and/or staff without permission (Pre K-12th Grade)

    1st Offense - 5 day suspension with a call to the parent/guardian

    2nd Offense - 7 days suspension with a call to the parent/guardian

    3rd Offense - 10 days suspension with the recommendation for long-term suspension

    **RISE Academy: Student possession of cellular phones at RISE Academy is prohibited.

    Danville Public Schools will not assume responsibility for the loss, destruction, damage, or theft of confiscated items. Lost or stolen electronic devices are an administrative and/or civil issue. A student found using a cellular phone during a testing situation will have the phone immediately confiscated and will lose their cellular phone privileges for the remainder of the school year. Additionally, test results may be rendered invalid in this situation.

    Note: Cellular phone violations that also include other violations of the Student CORES are subject to additional and/or more severe interventions/consequences. Finally, as noted previously, in determining which of the disciplinary consequences are most appropriate, the following shall be considered: (a) the nature and seriousness of the violation, (b) the student’s age and previous disciplinary record, and (c) any other relevant circumstances.


    **This protocol is also listed in the Student CORES: Code of Conduct on pages 62 and 63**