• Ms. Mulwee
    Art Class Syllabus


    Ms. Mulwee, Art teacher, rmulwee@mail.dps.va.us


    Welcome to art class! I am Ms. Mulwee and I am the elementary art teacher for Taylor Virtual Academy.  We will meet weekly, all year long. In this class, we will focus on studio work, art history, and overall appreciation for the arts. This introduction will open students to the world of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and so much more!


    Course Description: Art class is a hands-on class.  Students should be prepared to draw, paint and sculpt.  In addition, students will write during art class.  Students will be introduced to an art vocabulary that will enable them to begin to develop the skills necessary to describe various artworks. Students will learn how to use lines, shapes, and colors to convey meaning.

    Instructional Philosophy: Art is a great way to release your creativity and use that imagination. Studies show that students taking art classes do better in school.  In this course, students will explore many different cultures and approaches to art  including native American and African.  Also, we will study the purposes of visual art.

    Art Supplies: For virtual learning, you will need to use your own supplies from home.  I would like you to have a pencil, white paper and  crayons or colored pencils.  If you have markers, scissors, and glue, they can be used as well. 


    In our class, we follow “ART” This means:

    A – Always do your best work.

    R – Respect yourself, others, materials, and your school.

    T – Think like an artist. Be art smart and make good choices.

    Keep in mind the 3 R’s of DPS~ Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to learn.

    Grading Scale:

    “E” for Excellent = 90- 100

     “S” for Satisfactory = 70 - 89

     “N” for Needs Improvement = 50 - 69

     “U” for Unsatisfactory = below 50


    Classroom Expectations:  Respect Yourself!  Respect Your Classmates! Respect Your Teacher!  Respect Your School!

     Procedures will be posted daily on my canvas page including standards of learning, directions, and  materials needed.  For virtual learning, links to supplementary videos, slides or worksheets will be posted in canvas.

     Participation:  During art class students will be expected to be on time and participate to the best of their ability.  I encourage the students to have their supplies ready.  They should have an area free of distractions.  We will all be following the 3 Rs (Respect, Responsibility, and Ready) during our class time.  If a student needs to miss class for any reason, please let me know.


    Contact:  Class dojo, rmulwee@mail.dps.k12.va.us, (434) 773-8134