• Monday, August 7:

    Please sign the syllabus on the Teacher Website. Also, finish the Worksheet One from where we left off. 

    Tuesday, August 8:

    Please write a paragraph explaining why it is important to have a government. How would life be were there no government? What do you call a government based upon the concept "every man for himself?"

    Wednesday, August 9:

    Answer the following: 1. What are the three branches of government? 2. What kind of government do we have? 3. What is Democracy? 4. What is a Dictatorship? 5. What is Anarchy? 

    Thursday, August 10:

    Please write a paragraph answering the following two questions: 1. What are "Checks and Balances," in the government and why are they important? 2. What is an example of something that could happen if there were no checks and balances? 

    Friday, August 11: 

    Please write a paragraph explaining who was Thomas Hobbes and what were his central ideas.