• Homework for All Students for the Week of November 13, 2023:

    AVID: Philosophical Chairs: find a current event that you would like to debate in class. Come with your passionate opinion and your argument about why others should listen to your opinion. Current events will be randomly chosen throughout the week. 

    Intro to Health and Medical Science: Work on your Human System Project that is due on November 27, 2023. If you need supplies for your project, please see me no later than November 3, 2023. If you need me to print information, pictures, graphs, charts or anything else, please email me and I will print them for you. I will be happy to print whatever you need for your project; however, you have to be very specific. For example, if you need a picture, send me a copy of the picture, do not send me a link to a website. I will not look up any information for you.Remember to include the anatomy and the physiology, diseases, and wellness care of your chosen Human System. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! BE CREATIVE!!!!  

    Life Planning: Begin researching a career that you are interested in pursuing. Your research should include the educational requirements and salary range of the career. A research guide template will be available to help you organize your research. You will use this information for your Career Class Presentation that will be due on November 27th. 



    School is closed to students and staff November 22-25, 2023.