Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Erin R Higgins


This is my second year teaching Kindergarten at Johnson Elementary. I graduated from Ashford University in 2019 with my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, and I am currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University's Masters of Elementary Education program. I love to learn because I have fun learning new things and then sharing this knowledge with others. I also believe that we should never stop learning new things, that when we stop learning we stop living. Being a teacher means we are life-long learners; I believe that people live a rich, fulfilling life when they are always seeking out learning opportunities. 

I am originally from Winston Salem, NC, but have lived in Providence, NC since 2013. I am a mother to three grown (or almost grown) sons, and caregiver of two cats, Toby and Luna. I enjoy talking and joking around with my sons, going on adventures with them, watching movies (I am a horror movie fanatic), baking, and reading books (when I have time! My favorite author is John Grisham). I love to travel, and do that as often as possible. My favorite destination is the beach; we visit the Outer Banks of NC at least once a year, and have started taking day trips to Buckroe Beach, which is near Virginia Beach. I have also traveled to Chicago, and hope to add more destinations to my repertoire in the near future.

I love teaching about as much as I love learning. When children figure out a problem or make a connection, they get a little sparkle in their eye; seeing that little sparkle is the most amazing feeling for an educator. My purpose as an educator is to help children learn to love to learn. My yearly goal is to teach children how to be an active learner and how to be a part of the learning community. Kindergarten is more than just learning your ABC's and 123's, it's the foundation on which a strong school experience is built. My role is to provide the bricks, your child is the bricklayer; let's work together and help him/her stack those bricks sturdily. 

Mrs. Higgins