• The gifted education program in Danville Public Schools is a kindergarten through grade twelve program based on the school division's philosophy of individual worth and empowerment of students through knowledge and skills for the future. Danville Public Schools Vision is that we cultivate excellence for all. Gifted students, because they learn quickly, require school experiences that are differentiated. They need learning experiences that provide deep and complex content, accelerated and enriched processes, and authentic and relevant products. These experiences need to be based on their readiness level, their interest, and their learning preference. Dynamic curriculum that deals with complex issues and requires probing for depth of learning provides the framework for gifted students to reach their academic potential.

      Gifted students need support, encouragement, and opportunities to interact with other gifted students who naturally challenge one another. They require opportunities to pursue their particular interests, to share the results of these pursuits with real audiences, and to have products of their learning critiqued. For gifted students, this philosophy of empowerment through skills and knowledge demands curricular experiences designed to enhance the students' thinking abilities, academic proficiencies, and special talents.

      The educational program for gifted students is based upon the belief that gifted students need a dynamic learning environment. The values and beliefs reflected in the mission statement of the gifted program are realized through the program goals.