• GW High School              English 12

    Mrs. V. Glass


    Course Description:  

    12th grade English Language Arts is designed to prepare students to be college and/or career-ready. The course has been developed using the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL).  In 12th grade the standards place emphasis on reading comprehension of fiction and nonfiction text.   The grade-twelve student will continue to use the writing process to write/compose with an emphasis on persuasion/argumentation for multiple purposes and audiences to create focused, organized, and coherent writing.  Students will write to a standard acceptable to both the workplace and to postsecondary education. Students will create persuasive/argumentative multimodal presentations both independently and in collaborative groups. The student will produce a research product synthesizing information from primary and secondary sources while maintaining ethical and legal guidelines for gathering and using information.

    Instructional Philosophy:  

    Classes will be organized based on I do, we do, you do.  In other words, on a typical day the student can expect to enter the classroom, get ready for class by storing phones, getting journals and writing utensils, and logging in.  The student will begin his or her day with a bell ringer.  Following the bell ringer we will focus on vocabulary studies in the context of literature for spiral review.  Then the student will participate in the opening of the lesson using their Chromebooks.  Following the opening activity, the whole group will practice a skill asking clarifying questions and receiving feedback.  Then, students will work independently as the teacher assesses learning and reteaches or guides students who need assistance.  Students will wrap up with a summary of learning in their journals.

    Major Course Goals:

    Students who complete this course successfully will be able to: 

    •  Compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction writing

    •  Prepare resumes and cover letters

    •  Write research papers

    •  Analyze British novels

    •  Produce a multimodal presentation

    •  Expand vocabulary knowledge

    •  Practice and utilize appropriate grammar skills

    Course Assessment Plan:

    • Unit Tests – gold

    • Daily Assessments – bronze and silver

    • Multi-modal Project – silver and gold

    • Research Paper – silver and gold

    • Persuasive Paper – silver and gold

    • Final Exam – gold


    Gold (summative) 40%

    Silver (formative) 35%

    Bronze (formative) 25%

    District Grading Scale

     90 to 100 = A

     89 to 80 = B

     79 to 70 = C

     69 to 60 = D

     59 or below = F

    Textbook and Materials:

    HMH Into Literature





    3-subject notebook



    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Store your cell phone and find your journal

    2. Be seated and stay seated; raise your hand to get teacher’s attention

    3. Open Chromebooks

    4. Complete Bell Ringer and Learning Target quietly, BUT be ready to share

    5. When class is ending, by rows, you will complete your T-Chart in your journal, store the journal, and grab your phone


    Homework - Regulation


    The amount of homework and the time required to complete it will vary.  However, the average time required for most students to complete assignments each evening will conform to that designated by district policy:  Grades 9 - 12 15  minutes per teacher


    Excused Absences


    Students who do not complete homework assignments due to excused absences from school will be given a reasonable amount of time to complete those homework assignments made during their absence.  In high school, it is the responsibility of the student to secure and complete the missed homework assignments in consultation with the teacher.  Students have five (5) school days to get their assignments from teachers upon return.


                            Let’s have a productive and successful year together!










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