• LIEP Syllabus


    Course Description 

    Our Language Instruction Education Program is a rigorous class that aims to develop the student’s English proficiency levels in all four domains of language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). It is also meant to support students in their other classes through development of critical thinking skills, academic vocabulary, and writing skills. Each lesson is designed to teach students content and oral/written language skills. 

    The curriculum is developed to support the WIDA standards and Virginia Standards of Learning.


    Course Objectives: 

    Students will be able to:

    -Build and practice skills to further proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing

    -Argue persuasively in speech and writing 

    -Recognize and use academic vocabulary

    -Use note-taking, reading, and study strategies to succeed in all classes

    -Write for a variety of purposes and audiences

    -Use correct forms and vocabulary for a variety of speaking situations

    -Recognize and use idiomatic expressions and text structures

    -Use critical thinking in real-world applications


    Class Expectations:

    Once I arrive at their regular education classroom, they will quickly put away whatever they are working on in class, and come with me to the designated area in their classroom. Once there, students will respect me, the teacher, their peers, and themselves. Students will listen to me and participate in small group discussions and class work. If they have a question or need, they will raise their hand and ask their question and/or state their need. 


    Behavior Policy:

    Students will not yell during class. 

    Students will not hit each other or throw objects across the room.

    Students will respect each other and not bully each other.

    Students will listen to their teacher.

    If students have a question or do not know how to do something, they will ask the teacher for clarification.

    If students are misbehaving, they will receive 2 verbal warnings. If the unwanted behavior continues, students will have a privilege taken away. If, after students have been reprimanded, the unwanted behavior continues, I will let the regular education teacher, principal, and parents know.


    Student Supplies Needed:

    Students will need a great attitude that is eager to learn!


    Teacher Supplies Needed:

    I will need cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes, Lysol Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Tissues).