• Course Name: United States History II

    Instructor Name Andrew Snead

    Contact Information: Feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.


    • School Phone: 434-797-8860
    • Room location: C110
    • Email address: Asnead@mail.dps.k12.va.us
    • Planning Period/Office Hours:


    Course Description: 

    The students will apply social science skills to understand the growth and development of the United States after 1865. We will review primary and secondary sources as well as maps, pictures and graphs to help students understand these major events.


    Course Competencies/Learning Objectives: 

    I want students to be knowledgeable about the events that took place after 1865 to the present day.


    Student Evaluation:

    • (Gold) Assessments, Test, Projects             40 %
    • (Silver) Quizzes and Minor Assignments             35 %
    • (Bronze) Classwork, Homework, and Participation   25 %


    A = 90-100%  |  B = 89-80% | C = 79-70%  | D = 69 -60%  | F = 59 -0%

    Attendance Policy:

    Regular and prompt class attendance is an essential part of the educational experience. Westwood Middle School expects students and guardians to exercise good judgment regarding attendance and absences. Students will accept full responsibility for ensuring their work does not suffer because of absences. All students are expected to attend every scheduled class on time. Exceptions may be made for illness and valid emergencies.


    Course Requirements:

    • All homework should be completed as assigned on the Content Day (Tuesday’s)
    • All students should be ready to participate in all class activities.
    • All students will be expected to use appropriate classroom etiquette 
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