• Ms. Hicks Syllabus - 23-24

    Schoolfield Elementary

    1400 West Main Street

    Danville, VA 24541

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    first Grade Syllabus

    Course Description

    In first grade, the aim of class is to learn how to read, write, count and manipulate numbers, and meet Virginia Standards for Learning in all subjects. Our class will study Reading/Writing, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The faculty and staff of Danville Public Schools is committed to inspiring, educating, and developing students, in collaboration with families and the community, to ensure graduates are college and/or career ready. We envision a school division that cultivates excellence for all.


    Instructional Philosophy

    We will teach a rigorous curriculum with fidelity by utilizing DPS Instructional Framework to design lessons aligned to

    the Danville Essential Knowledge and Skills (DEKS) curriculum, adhering to the DPS instructional scope and sequence, incorporating literacy strategies in all courses. We will implement a common framework for the lesson structure by utilizing the DPS four-part lesson planning structure (spiral review, opening, work period, closing) and adhere to the DPS instructional block guidelines. 

    We will monitor progress of our students daily by developing common formative assessments that are aligned with Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), administering state growth assessments (NWEA/MAP, PALS) and DPS Benchmark Assessments, and collaborating with other professionals to plan and discuss next steps based on data.  All staff will be implementing a responsive classroom strategy that models and teaches students how to interact with learning materials and how to uphold expectations throughout the year.


    Major Course Goals

    Students will learn the essential knowledge and skills necessary for beginning reading strategies in phonics and phonemic awareness, critical thinking skills when reading, and the ability to use thinking and reasoning skills to understand texts related to other subjects.

    Students will learn number sense routines and number manipulation skills needed for counting, addition and subtraction, graphing, money, and telling time.


    Students will learn how to apply the steps of scientific thinking and investigation to gain understanding of how the world works in relation to motion, matter, natural resources, plants and animals, and thinking like a scientist.


    Students will learn how to think like a historian by learning about important Virginia figures in history, how making choices affects our daily lives, map skills, and Virginia’s history in Jamestown.


    Major course Projects

    Reading - Monthly Reading Incentive

    Math - 100th Day of School Project

    Science - Home recycling project

    Social Studies - Make a map of your home/bedroom


    Course Assessment Plan

    All assignments are graded on an even weight, 10-point scale. 

    1- Developing

    2- Approaching

    3- Proficient


    Assessment data will be used to determine if a student is competent on a standard. There will also be division-wide assessments and state-wide assessments that will not be counted into quarterly grades. Division Benchmark assessments will be used to determine student mastery of skills within our yearly pacing, and MAP/PALS data will be used to assess student needs on specific skills in math and reading.


    Classroom Expectations

    Students will be expected to follow rules and regulations for the class. All tardies and absences will be counted and managed by the office, but students need to be present on-time, everyday to ensure that they receive all instructional goals and lessons. Students will be expected to respect and adhere to the school policies and regulations outlined in the student handbook.


    Supplies and Materials

    (See provided list from the school)

    DPS Homework policy

    All homework assignments will be the responsibility of students to submit in a timely manner, completed and written neatly. 


    Extra Help

    Students needing additional help and support on standards will be provided with remediation and intervention within the classroom in small groups or with one-on-one instruction.   If parents would like additional help, the school office can schedule a meeting with the teacher, or the teacher can be reached via ClassDojo for help and meetings.


    Time and place to be reached by parents

    Parents may contact the teacher(s) through classdojo, email, the Canvas webpage, or by calling the school office before 3:30 pm at 434-799-6455.  Any other times will need to be scheduled during planning time.