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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Elementary Studies

Mr. William L. Ricketts

Danville is my hometown!! I was born in Danville and raised in the county in the community of Sutherlin. I have been married to my wife, Nicole Ricketts, for seventeen years and we have two children. Our children are Will, who is fourteen, and Olivia, who is ten. My wife teaches music and is the assistant band director at Westover Christian Academy and my children attend there as well. My family are avid lovers of animals and this shows as we have a total of 21 pets, which includes 5 dogs, 2 rabbits, 3 bearded dragons, 2 leopoard geckos, 2 ball pythons, 1 rainbow boa, 1 dwarf reticulated python, 1 Texas rat snake, 1 hedgehog, 1 red footed tortoise, and 2 Russian tortoises. Along with this, we do have a class pet named Harley who is a bearded dragon and a school pet named, Nala who is a crested gecko. Your student will definitely have stories to tell about these throughout the year.

My teaching career started in 2021 as a substitute for Danville Public Schools, which then led me to become the permanent substitute for Park Avenue, meaning I was in different classes at Park Avenue as the need came up due to a teacher's absence. In late January 2022, I became a long-term subsitute for a third grade class due to a teacher needing to leave. Throughout that time, I fell in love with teaching third grade and felt that this had become my life's calling. 

I graduated high school from Dayspring Baptist School, a small private school that was in Danville. I completed my Bachelors of Arts of Elementary Studies from Western Governors University in June 2022. Over the summer of 2023, I completed my Masters in Education focusing on Digital Curriculum Design from Western Governors University. During the current school year of 2023-2024 I am pursuing my doctorate of education, focusing on educational leadership from South College

Along with teaching third grade here at the school, I also serve on our schools SBIT team and currently serve as treasurer for the school's PTA. These opportunities allows me to be very involved in different areas of the school year.