If you haven't seen our class book, please come in to read your child's entries and find out how to get your copy!

    We will be reviewing essential math skills this week, as well as practicing segmenting phonemes and learning about Virginia's past.

    Trick Words

    Trick and Sound Words up through Fundations unit 14 - Please work with your child to be able to read and spell these words. Trick words have a tricky part that can not be tapped out, while sound words have a particular spelling pattern that we have learned and your child should know.

    Dojo Resources: Grocery Math, Dojo Sight Word Memory Game cards part 1  and cards part 2, alphabet cards, and number cards

    Here are some guides from Fundations, our writing sounds, words, and sentences program. We are finishing unit three and starting unit four this week. These are useful guides for you to know what we've done and what we are learning, so you can support your child at home. More will be added as we start each unit.

    Mark My Words How to mark digraphs, bonus letters, suffixes, glued sounds, and blends

    Letter Formation sky line letters, plane line letters, plane line round letters including special e, and plane line slide letters - Please have your child practice writing and forming letters the correct way. The language we use can be found under Unit One.

    Consonant Alphabet Cards


    Unit One, part one (alphabet and letter formation practice)

    Unit One, part two (letter formation guide)

    Unit Two (consonants and short vowels)

    Unit Three (digraphs and trick words)

    Unit Four (bonus letters and trick words)

    Unit Five Nasal (or Nose) Sounds and Glued Sounds

    Unit Six Basewords and Suffixes

    Unit Seven Glued Sounds with -ng

    Unit Eight Consonant Blends

    Unit Nine Closed Syllables

    Unit Ten Closed Syllables with Five Sounds

    Unit Eleven Vowel-Consonant-E Syllables

    We are in Unit Twelve.

    Unit Twelve Multisyllabic Words and Scooping Syllables

    Unit Thirteen Suffix -es

    Unit Fourteen Review

    Please email or text me with suggestions of whatever else you might find useful. My goal is to have this site be a useful resource. I will also be starting extra homework bags soon. They will have Fundations magnetic boards for spelling practice and some math activities. Students will need to redeem 10 Dojo points to take a bag home for one night and 20 Dojo points to take a bag home for the weekend. (It was the students' idea to use Dojo points for extra homework. Gotta love them!) Once a bag is returned, it will be 50 Dojo points if anything is missing. Everything in the bags that is not paper and consumable is meant to be reused, shared, and enjoyed by all.