Inclement Weather Regulation

  • Announcements

    Announcements concerning the closing or delay of school opening due to weather conditions are made as early as possible, after it has been determined that road conditions are unsafe. The final decision will be made early as possible, but no later than 5:30 a.m. on the day of expected weather. Cancellations or delays will be posted on the DPS website, social media accounts, and SchoolMessenger will be used to communicate cancellations or delays. Radio and television stations will also be contacted.



    Severe Weather Code Procedures (For Administrative and Support Personnel)

    In the event that schools are closed, the following codes plan will be in effect and the appropriate code will be included in all radio, TV, and Weather-line announcements:

    CODE 1

    All sites closed.  No employees should report to work.

    CODE 2

    All schools and central offices closed.  All maintenance and custodial personnel report at 9:00 a.m. or as soon as road conditions permit.

    CODE 3

    All schools closed. 12 month employees report on time, or when the road conditions permit safe travel.  In addition to the employee codes, there will be an announcement of delays or closings such as “Danville Public Schools will be closed today.  Employees CODE 3.”



    Severe Weather Procedures (For Teachers and Paraprofessionals)

    Teachers and Paraprofessionals should listen for announcements concerning the closing or delay of school opening due to weather conditions.  Announcements are made as early as possible after it has been determined that road conditions are unsafe. Every effort will be made to have announcements on radio and TV by 5:30 a.m. to prevent unnecessary travel. Cancellations or delays will also be posted on the DPS website and social media accounts, as well as SchoolMessenger.


    Delayed Opening/Early Dismissals

    When Schools Close Early Due to Inclement Weather:

      • Teachers and paraprofessionals will be dismissed after all students have left the school.
      • School administrative and office personnel may leave after all buses have completed their scheduled routes.
      • All other personnel will be notified when they may leave.


    When Schools Open on a Delayed Schedule

        • All administrative offices will open on regular schedule unless announced otherwise.
        • Teachers and other school based staff will report at the time corresponding to the delayed opening of school.  For example, for a two hour delay, teachers and other school based staff will report two hours later than the normally scheduled arrival time.


    Other Weather Emergencies

    In the event of a “tornado warning,” central personnel will use available data to decide if students should be dismissed.  Adverse weather conditions may be sufficient cause to hold students and buses at schools until weather conditions permit safe travel for students and staff.



    Weather Decisions


        1. The National Weather Service predicts weather conditions that could be disruptive to the work/school day.
        2. The Directors of Safety, Maintenance and Transportation will communicate and establish a recommendation regarding delays or cancellations. 
        3. The Directors of Safety, Maintenance and Transportation will check the road condition if necessary to make an informed decision. 
        4. The Director of Safety will contact the Chief Operating Officer with the information pertaining to the weather conditions, or potential weather.
        5. The Chief Operating Officer will contact the Superintendent.
        6. The Superintendent will make the final decision regarding delays and cancellations. 
        7. If a decision is made resulting in a delay or cancellation, the Chief Operating Officer will forward that information to the Public Information Officer.
        8. The Public Information Officer will disseminate that information accordingly: including, News networks, Social Media, DPS Website, Email and an all call using the weather-line.