Ms. Shepherd - Kindergarten Course Syllabus

    Course Description: Ms. Shepherd’s class is a responsive kindergarten classroom where students foster a love of learning through hands-on exploration while building social and emotional skills. Students learn vital skills in math, reading, science and social studies that will set the foundation for life-long learning.



    Instructional Philosophy: Students will start each day building their social skills by participating in a morning meeting. They will also have the opportunity to learn essential math and reading skills by participating in a variety of learning styles, such as hands-on activities, small group instruction, and independent work stations.



    Major Course Goals:  


    By the end of Kindergarten, students will be performing on-level tasks such as:

    Reading: Students will be expected to identify with automaticity capital and lowercase letters, letter sounds, blends, and sight words (trick words). They will also be able to hold a book properly and track print. Students will be able to independently write capital and lowercase letters, first and last names, as well as the ability to compose simple sentences.

    Math: Students will be able to identify and write numbers 0-20, count orally to 100, count backward from 10, and identify sets of up to 20 objects. 

     Science: Students will be able to show mastery in the process of scientific investigations, demonstrate knowledge of the five senses, and knowledge of the patterns of weather. 

    Social Studies Students will demonstrate knowledge of patriotic holidays, past and present, how to be a good citizen, and awareness of maps and globes. 





    Course Assessment Plan: 

             PALS- given in the Fall and Spring 

    VKRP- given in the Fall and Spring 

    Writing Benchmarks- given each 9 weeks 

    Weekly assessments are given based on the content learned in each unit. 




    Grading Scale:

    Grades K-2

    Standards Based Learning










    Classroom Expectation:  Students will be respectful, responsible and ready to learn by following school and classroom rules.




    Supplies and Materials: 

    • Scissors (Round Tip)

    • Pencils/Erasers

    • Crayola Crayons (24 count)

    • Glue sticks

    • Pencil box or Pouch

    • Backpack (no wheels)

    • Change of clothing in a bag labeled with the child’s name (shirt, pants, socks, and underwear)

    • Earbuds or headphones

    • Ziplock Bags Gallon Size



    DPS Homework Policy: Students will receive weekly homework or interactive practices. These resources are expected to be completed daily. They will be given as physical copies in their homework folders and will need to return to school daily. 



    Extra Help: Students will participate in daily scheduled intervention time. They will receive any additional support and intervention as needed. 



    Contact Information: You can reach Ms. Shepherd by:

    Class Dojo message,

    email:  at ashepherd@mail.dps.k12.va.us

    phone call: Park Avenue Elementary School 434-799-6452