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Degrees and Certifications:

Diploma as machinist - DCC Certified machinist since 1991 - Virginia

Mr. Bobby Waller

  George Washington High School

                              Course Syllabus 2023-2024



Course Name: Precision Machining 1

                        Precision Machining 2


Instructor Name: Mr. Bobby Waller

Contact Information: Feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions or concerns.

  • School Phone: 434-799-6410 Ext. 319
  • Cell Phone: 434-429-6700
  • Room location: V112
  • Email address:
  • Planning Period/Office Hours: TBT
  • Tutoring Schedule: Tutoring will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday by appointment. Tutoring will be offered in person only.



Course Description:   Introduces students to the identification, care and use of precision tools and measuring instruments.  Emphasis is placed on operation of drill presses, lathes, power saws, pedestal grinder, CNC equipment, and milling machines



Course Competencies/Learning Objectives:

  • Identification and nomenclature of tools and machines
  • Use of measuring instruments
  • CNC programming
  • Safe use of basic machine tools



  • Be on time to class. I will take attendance at the start of every class.
  • No food or drink are allowed in the classroom or the shop.
  • Cell phones and any other electronic devices that are not required for class work are to be put away in your book bags.
  • You must follow all school and district polices stated in the handbook
  • Respect yourself and others at all times.





Turn in homework to the proper bin


  • Homework is due at the beginning of class the next day. Put your homework to the correct bin beside the door on the left when you come in.  Turn absent/late work into the absent/late work bin.


                    Pick up after yourself before you leave  


  • Take all of your belongings, pick up any scrap papers around you, and put your desk back in line before you leave each day.


                    Do your own work:


  • Cheating is unacceptable.  If I see you cheating on any assignment, I will give you a zero and report the incident to your assistant principal and parents


Consequences for not following the rules


  • Verbal Warning
  • Call home and contact parents/guardian
  • In School Suspension (ISS)
  • Referral to the assistant principal



  • Admittance to program
  • Must have completed and passed Algebra I



  • Engine lathe
    • Principles and construction
    • Operation
    • Accessories
    • Cutting tools
    • Safety


  • Drilling machines
    • Types
    • Operation
    • Accessories
    • Cutting tools
    • Safety


  • Sawing machines
    • Types
    • Operation
    • Blades/identification and selection
    • Safety


  • Measurement
    • Systems
    • Devices
    • Rulers/Tape Line
    • Micrometers
    • Dial and Vernier devices
    • Angular devices
    • Tolerances and fits


  • Hand tools
    • Nomenclature
    • Safe usage

Vertical milling machine

  • Setup and indicating
  • Operations
  • Accessories
  • Cutting tools
  • Safety


  1. Student Evaluation:
  • (Gold) Assessments, Test, Projects                        40 %
  • (Silver) Quizzes and Minor Assignments            35 %
  • (Bronze) Classwork, Homework, and Participation   25 %


A = 90-100% | B = 80-89% | C = 70-79% | D = 60 -69%

  1. Attendance Policy:


Regular and prompt class attendance is an essential part of the educational experience. George Washington High School expects students to exercise good judgement regarding attendance and absences. Students will accept full responsibility for ensuring their work does not suffer because of absences. All students are expected to attend every scheduled class on time. Exceptions may be made for illness and valid emergencies.


  1. Course Requirements:
  • All homework should be completed as assigned.
  • All students should be ready to participate in all class and shop activities.
  • All students must have passed Algebra I
  • All students will be expected to use appropriate classroom etiquette.
  1. Class Supplies:
  • Chromebook, pens & pencils
  • A 3-ring binder, notebook paper or composition book
  • A Positive Perspective
  • Textbooks will be assigned to each student
  • Online software (Fusion 360) will be installed on classroom computers




                        ___X____ Communications                          ___X____ Information Literacy                   


                        ___X____ Culture and Social Understanding


                        ___X____ Critical Thinking                            ___X____ Scientific reasoning


                        ___X____ Quantitative Reasoning                ___X____ Personal Development


  1. Over 90% of our students complete our program.