• knowledge is power

    My name is Miss Barbour and I will be a 4th grade teacher at Park Avenue. This will be my first year as a teacher and I am very excited about this upcoming year! I graduated from Averett University in May 2022. I came into teaching because of the influence of my mother as a teacher. I love all of the subjects I teach, but language arts and history are my ultimate favorites! Teaching is my passion and I feel very lucky that this is what I get to do every day! I am also incredibly passionate about my relationships with my students. Therefore, I would love to know any and everything about your child that you can supply me with!

  • About Me


    As for more information about me personally; I am an animal lover (except for snakes and spiders). I have 5 dogs and 1 cat, who are all very much loved and spoiled. My dogs are Shugums (13), Maggie May (12), Poncho (7), Gizmo (7), Oliver (7). My cat is Sunny (12). I love to read (I have a problem with constantly buying books for my students and myself). I love music, movies, and traveling. My family is very important to me and I spend the majority of my time, when I'm not working, with them.