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Bust Bullies and Help Make Your School Safe

Prevent and solve crimes faster.
Stop bullying in its tracks.
Harness the power of students.

The uTip bully deterrent system is set up in our two middle schools and three secondary schools and notifies school administrators in real time. Principals and school officials receive text messages via their school email accounts. Text messages are confidential and do not reveal to the principal the identity of the sender.

uTip combines TECHNOLOGY with PSYCHOLOGY to deter and decrease bullying at school.  Each secondary and middle school has a keyword to identify the student’s location. Students text this keyword and a message to confidentially report a bullying incident or school violation from a mobile phone. No apps, no software, no databases, and no IT involvement needed.

Each school’s unique uTip Keyword has been promoted throughout the school on posters and flyers, making it easy for students to access and remember. It also serves as a reminder to bullies that 100s of eyes are watching and can report bad behavior confidentially and immediately from wherever.

Students may report bullying or any other kind of dangerous or harmful behavior. Each tip will be investigated and appropriate action taken. Tips are received by the building principal and the Director of Safety & Security.

Text messages to 50911. Start the message with the school’s keyword, then tell the principal what you want him or her to know by typing the text message.


Bonner Middle School = bmstip
Westwood Middle School = wwtip
George Washington High School = gwtip
Langston Focus School = lfstip
Galileo High School = ghstip