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Responding to Inappropriate Use (FAQ)

What are the rules?

The Danville Public School Acceptable Use Policy outlines the regulations applying to District users. If you have questions about applicability of a policy you may send email to: webmaster@mail.dps.k12.va.us. Outside district service users are governed by their company's own terms and conditions.

Where do I report misuse?

If the material in question was not sent from a district email address (or posed on a dps.k12.va.us website), complaints must be directed to the outside district service provider. The Abuse Net website enables you to "Look up the contacts for a domain" and provides details on "How can I tell where to complain?" If the material in question was sent from a district email or network connection account or resides on a DPS website, send mail to: webmaster@mail.dps.k12.va.us.

Where do I report security incidents?

Report security incidents affecting the district locations to: webmaster@mail.dps.k12.va.us.

How do I report inappropriate email?

When reporting inappropriate email, either to the District or to an outside district service provider (see above), you must provide a complete, unedited, copy of the email message in question.

You must also include the full-length message headers. (Email programs often display shortened, incomplete, network routing information headers). To find out how to display the full-length headers, consult your email "help" system or the consultant staff.

Do I need to keep copies?

Even if the email you receive is very offensive, if you want action to be taken do not delete your copy. It probably will be needed as evidence and there is no guarantee that the system's copy will still be available.

Tell me who----I'll take care of it myself.

Service providers are not able to release information identifying individuals, or to describe actions taken in response to reports. Exceptions require legal documents such as a court order or subpoena.

Is my privacy protected?

The identity of the reporting party is only released to authorized investigators.

How can I avoid junk mail?

See the BC&C newsletter article How to reduce the flow of junk email.

What about misuse of district mailing lists?

Your options depend upon the status of the list:

  • Send complaints regarding email you received via an "official" district departmental mailing list to the owner of that list, or to the departmental administrator.
  • You have the right to be removed from any "un-official" district mailing list in order to avoid receiving material you don't want. Contact the list owner.

To identify the owner, contact the administrators of the server on which the list resides ("consult@ or "postmaster@" the server name).

Where do I report inappropriate material from sources other than email?

Direct your report to the responsible party's service provider. (see above details, as for email.) Be sure to include:

  • The media involved (chat, ICQ, Usenet, website, etc.).
  • The "dps.k12.va.us" account or address used.
  • The content of the inappropriate message, file or site.
  • Any user information you have.
  • A news posting originator's service provider can be identified from the "NNTP-Posting-Host" header line.

Where do I report copyright violations?

Direct any allegations of online copyright infringement to the service provider's "Designated Agent" whose name is on file with the U.S. Copyright Office.

The Designated Agent to respond to reports alleging copyright infringements for Danville Public Schools online locations is the IST Manager. email webmaster@mail.dps.k12.va.us

Where do I report fraud, consumer scams?

If you receive email or see a website describing a commercial opportunity which you believe involves fraud or other violations of consumer or economic law, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Even if they do not act immediately based on your particular report, they want to be informed of such matters, since they may eventually take action based on cumulative information received over a period of time.