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The Leadership Academy is a cohort of Danville Public School employees ready and willing to either explore or prepare for future roles in educational leadership.  The idea of a Leadership Academy is not foreign to Danville Public Schools.  In the past, we have conducted similar types of cohorts for many similar reasons.  It is our hope and intention that this program will become an institution—a continuously reoccurring strategy—to prepare leaders for the city schools.  This program is ideal for employees wanting to investigate leadership roles and functions, or for those already engaged in a college or university program leading to administrative licensure.


The goals for the Leadership Academy are as follows:

  1. To identify and develop educational leadership within Danville Public Schools;
  2. To provide a context within which employees may explore administrative, supervisory, or leadership career tracks;
  3. To build an ever-increasing pool of candidates available for leadership positions within the school division; and,
  4. To increase the depth and breadth of leadership training received in the college or university setting with training contextualized to Danville and delivered by experienced Danville educators.


The Leadership Academy will be a course of study scheduled across the school year generally consisting of two sessions per month.  Sessions will be scheduled after school hours.  At the sessions, key topics in educational leadership will be presented and discussed.  Presenters will be experienced Danville educators giving the presentations a particular Danville relevancy.


The career paths which the Leadership Academy will include, but not be limited to, are: principals, assistant principals, program supervisors, head coaches, coordinators, directors, department heads, and team leaders.  The Leadership Academy does not replace programs of study at regionally accredited colleges and universities leading to a Virginia state license for administration and supervision.  What the Leadership Academy does provide is a local and easily accessible opportunity to deepen and broaden leadership skills.  Further, the Leadership Academy brings the candidates into direct relationship with current school division leaders.  This has obvious benefits in helping a candidate become recognized for leadership ability.


Candidates participating in the Leadership Academy must:

  1. Complete the enrollment process before the announced deadline and be selected to participate in the course;
  2. Attend all sessions (missing more than two sessions may disqualify a participant);
  3. Develop a personal educational philosophy;
  4. Participate in a shadowing activity;
  5. Read and reflect upon the book, The Leadership Challenge; and
  6. Complete a written book review from a collection of books provided.


Candidates participating in the Leadership Academy will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Develop skills for leveraging their own leadership;
  2. Examine leadership strategies in the Danville context;
  3. Form collegial relationships with other aspiring leaders;
  4. Network with current educational leaders; and
  5. Earn recertification points towards renewal of state license.


Any or all of the following criteria may be used in selecting persons for a Leadership Academy cohort:

  1. Recommendations from past or present supervisors—may include immediate supervisors, department level leadership, or school division leadership.
  2. Past performance evaluations of record—may include official performance evaluations that are part of the candidates employment record.
  3. Access to previous programs of the same general nature.  The design and nature of the Leadership Academy is directed primarily towards those employees wanting to explore educational leadership career pathways.  Those persons with previous leadership experience or those who view themselves as ready candidates for leadership positions may not benefit from this experience.
  4. Selection may include factors that create a cohort that is diverse and broadly representative with the goal of preparing leaders for a wide range of leadership opportunities across our K-12 public school system.


Each applicant will receive a written response indicating whether they have been accepted into the program. Notification may take several weeks as selection criteria are evaluated.


Program Checklist

2016-207 Application


Please contact Dr. Dave Cochran with any questions.