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Kodak  Photography All Excellent resource for pictures and photo art.
Draw3D Art lessons 2-9 3-D art lessons

Language Arts

Children's Storybooks Reading PreK-9 Stories to read online
SI Kids Sports K-6 Kids version of Sports Illustrated with educational games
World Central Dictionary Skills K-12 Site offers a student dictionary, and games
English Club Classroom Activities K-12 Site provides classroom activities, lesson plans
Cyber Teens Creative Writing 7-12 A teen magazine


Math Goodies Math K-12 Math lesson plans and activities with problem solving approaches
The Math Forum Math Q and A All Question about the hows and whys of math? Ask Dr. Math, he knows.
Sheppard Software Math K-12 Play games and win contests.
AplusMath Math Drills 2-6 Flashcards, games, and other activities
Sheppard Software Math Software K-12 Free software to download
Math Stories Math 1-8 Search for problems by grade level and
activity, then print out your favorite worksheets to
hand out in class.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Cosmicquest 4-9 Explore the universe through various activities.
Sandlot Science Science Activities K-12 Lots of activities that stretch your mind
Extreme Science Science Facts All A good site for exploring science trivia, for example, the largest, oldest, highest, etc.
Sierra Club Environment K-12 Pages on protecting forests, trees, and the air
National Aquarium National Aquarium All See online exhibits, games, puzzles, and teacher tips
Fun Science Gallery Science K-12 Various experiments are listed in detail
The Great Plant Escape A Link to Plants 4-6 The Great Plant Escape: Help Detective Le Plant and his helpers

Social Studies

Library of Congress History All Various activities and links to cover a wide span of American history. Includes some very good lesson plans
Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg All A very good cite to research Williamsburg
National Atlas Map Skills All An excellent online atlas and resource for all government agencies
PBS History All Students can do research about various events and people in history
Civil War Letters Civil War 7-12 Civil War letters, rich in details
multiculturalkids Multicultural Education K-5 Materials for PreK- Elementary classrooms
Perpetual Preschool President's Day NK-2 President's Day activities
eMailman Leapyear information All Information about leapyear
The White House Presidential information K-12 Excellent way to visit the Whitehouse and explore the US Government
Votes for Women's Suffrage Women's Suffrage 7-12 History of Women's Suffrage
Buckaroos in Paradise The west 1942-1982 5-12 Listen to various sound recordings and view video clips of the modern west.
Mapquest Geography K-12 Map your trips or look up a location. Early grades will need help but can understand the concept.


Kaplan College testing and aid 9-12 For help preparing for the SAT or ACT, stop here. They offer
study skills, a message board, even advise on financial aid
for the college bound

English as a Second Language (ESOL)

Dave's ESL Cafe Various areas of help for ESL teachers All Many activities that will help ESL students
ESL Lesson Plans and Resources Lesson plans for the teacher All Lesson plans for teaching ESL
English Forum Activities for the ESL teacher All Interactive lessons for the ESL learner