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Afterschool Snack Request Form

Afterschool Snack Program

The Child Nutrition department can provide free snacks to students who stay after school for enrichment activities such as tutoring. The staff member in charge of the enrichment program should request the snack on behalf of the students.

The snack will consist of two food components, most often a 100% fruit juice and a whole grain snack. Students are required to take both items for it to count as a reimbursable snack. Since all students may not want both items, it is recommended to set up a share table/desk in the room to provide an opportunity for the other students to have the unwanted items and reduce waste.

If you are planning to provide after school enrichment and would like a snack for your students, please complete the form in the link below and email, fax or send to the Child Nutrition Office. 

Afterschool Snack Request Form