Danville Public Schools Home Page

Administration Overview

DPS Organizational Chart


Dr. Stanley Jones Superintendent

Chief Officers

Dr. Kathy Osborne Chief Operations Officer
Dr. Juliet Jennings Chief Human Resources Officer
Dr. Sandra Andrews Chief Academic Officer


Mr. Michael Adkins Director of Transportation Services
Ms. Charlene Bowman Director of Middle & High School Instruction
Ms. Lori Cassada Director of Finance
Dr. Dave Cochran Director of Safety & Security
Ms. Stacey Ensminger Director of Child Nutrition
Ms. Catiia Greene Director of Federal Title Programs & Instructional Support
Ms. Stephanie Hogan Director of Services for Exceptional Children
Dr. Melissa Newton Executive Director for Accountability and School Improvement
Mr. John Parris Director of Technology & Media Services
Mr. Leon Ramsey Director of Maintenance & Operations
Ms. Mona N. Whittle Director of Recruitment & Retention


Ms. Robin Owens Coordinator of Support Services
Ms. Jackie Rochford Coordinator of Adult Education
Ms. Cynthia Johnson Coordinator of Family & Community Engagement
Mr. Jonathan Fain Coordinator of Middle and High Athletics
Ms. Tia Hairston Coordinator of Special Education